Sarah Kapoor

Creative Director, Writer

Sarah joined forces with David-James Fernandes in 2009 after working ten years at the CBC. She brought her high standards of excellence, value-based operations, and the incredible capacity to bring out the best in everyone on camera. Her background as a documentary filmmaker and love of interviewing led her to win numerous awards internationally and have her work featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show. She was the Senior Producer and co-creator of “Canada’s Next Great Prime Minister” for CBC Television. Sarah holds a Masters Degree in Journalism from Carleton University in Ottawa.


David J. Fernandes

Director / Producer

David brings 20 years of experience in political and campaign communications in the labour and social justice movements. He has directed over 200 projects including 50 TV ads and PSAs.  His talent for directing stems from his unique background as a graphic designer and film editor as well as his appreciation for music and sound design. He is currently developing an original sci-fi TV series called ‘Meld‘. David holds a BA in film history and theory from the University of Toronto and a diploma in Digital Video Editing from the Toronto Film School. He is a member of the CMPA (Canadian Media Producers Association).

Gregory Bennett

Gregory Bennett

Director of Photography

Greg has been honing his craft as an expert in lighting and camera techniques for twenty-four years. His vast experience, impeccable attention to detail, and his photographer’s eye make him a versatile, creative and in-demand cinematographer. Greg’s work has been seen on TV and in theatres around the world and his work on David’s film Re-Wire, earned him a CSC nomination for Best Cinematography in 2010. Greg is a graduate of the Ryerson Film Studies program and is an associate member of the Canadian Society of Cinematographers.

Jenny Vásquez

Executive Assistant

From organizing all the details of a shoot, to mailing out 340 Kickstarter perks, to submitting our films to festivals, Jenny handles the daily minutia of running Pollinator Films. Working with us since August 2014, she is an indispensable and integral member of our team.

Nicole Stamp 3

Nicole Stamp


Nicole is a highly experienced and creative director with 12 years of experience in TV production, advertising campaigns, viral videos, on-screen hosting, improv comedy, arts journalism, and theatre direction.  She’s a Toronto Arts Award-winning theatre artist, skilled as a writer, performer, and concept developer, and an award winning short filmmaker.  With a sharp eye for detail and years of strategic production experience, Nicole illuminates every frame with freshness and originality.

Aylwin Lo

Aylwin Lo

Motion Design / Graphics

Aylwin is a multi-disciplinary, multi-media artist who brings a decade of experience in design and animation. Aylwin’s work is creative and varied, from making a full-size interactive solitary confinement cell installation, to projecting live painting on walls, to creative live visual and lighting effects for YAMANTAKA // SONIC TITAN, to rigging up high tech computer props for film. Aylwin’s work with Pollinator is usually around creating kinetic type animations for clients and infusing life and character into static charts, maps and illustrations.

tim kirkwood

Tim Kirkwood

Editor / Post-Production Supervisor

Tim has been cutting video for decades. While co-owner of Flashcut (now Rooster Post), Tim edited over 400 national TV commercials and received 12 awards of excellence. Since leaving Rooster in 2007, Tim has gone on to edit six feature documentaries, two TV series, a short film and over forty corporate videos. He is a creative, demanding, passionate and experienced editor and brings that to bear on all our high-end projects.

David Guerra

David Guerra

Production Mixer

David has been working in sound since 1999 and has trained his ears under many different types of jobs. David’s analytical mind helps him account for every situation, allowing directors and producers to do what they do best. He has done location sound recording, post-production, live sound (music and theatre), and music recording. David’s work can be seen on the big screen, the small screen, and digital screens across Canada and the world. His list of clients includes Toyota, Molson, Target, World Vision, and others. David studied Sound and Acoustics Engineering at Universidad Vicente Perez Rosales in Santiago, Chile.

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